Reducing the Easter Egger and Hatchery Ameraucana's Middle TN

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    I'm trying to keep my chickens under control..or at least the number I have of them [​IMG] So I'm cutting back on some.In trying to keep only 10 EE's 15 at most hard decisions have to be made as all of these are real nice chicks.
    8 week old Hatchery-Privett pullet that is acting very Rooish and looking the part as well.Don't need any more roos even though he's going to be very pretty $3.00 Please excuse the mud we have had nearly 8" of rain in a week and they love to play in the puddles.His comb is much redder than it looks in the picture as well.
    I have a pullet in the more traditional reds with black from the same shipment I will sell with him if anyone wants a pullet as well-have enough of those colors even though she's beautiful $5.00 not pictured
    Unsexed chick born 8/28 from a green egg.A bit skittish but likes to cuddle once you catch it.Sorry bad picture it wouldn't stay still long enough.Tan's browns and blacks.$3.00
    Spring Rooster Splash.Very easy to live with and doesn't crow here-will for you though I bet [​IMG].Kids want to keep my rumpless so he needs a home before he goes to the fattening up pen for dinner $8.00
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    Oh that lower Roo is so handsom! Alas I'm in Colorado

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