Reducing the flock


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Aug 24, 2011
I have 15 ,1 month old Bantam chicks that I will need to reduce down to a smaller amount before they get much bigger.

I have :
5 Sebrights(2 males and 3 females)
5 D'uccles(2 males and 3 females)
5 Sultans( gender not determined)

I would like to keep at least a male/female pair of each and maybe an extra female per breed. It would be nice to keep all the females, but space is limited.

I will either give away the rest or take them to the local weekend farmers market. What's a fair asking price, $5.00 each?

My son wants to possibly show some in 4H, Would crooked toes be a defect he would be counted off for? I can't talk him out of keeping one of his favorites(Sebright male) that has 1 crooked toe per foot. I would prefer to keep the other male with perfect feet. Idk...

I would try listing what you dont want on craigslist. I have sold extras that way. On more unusual breeds you can also get a high price on a roo as people my have lost the one roo the had for their hens.

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