Redwood City, CA - Easter Egger cockerel in need of forever home!


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Jul 11, 2016
As it goes, I have an approximately 7 week old Easter Egger (I'm assuming Easter Egger, he was sold as an Ameraucana) cockerel named Smorgalor who needs a permanent home. His sex was confirmed via DNA test. He was initially skittish as a chick but has become very friendly and enjoys interacting with people, although he can still be a little skittish when being picked up. Unfortunately, due to city ordinance, he is a forbidden fowl, and we must fretfully find a future farm for him.

There is a feed store nearby who would take him, however if anyone is interested in him, we would like to know he's going to a good environment.

Please let me know if you have interest! We would keep him if we could as we've grown quite fond of him, but if we can find him a good home, we'll feel much better.


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