refrigerate eggs or not?

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    I was reading many posts on cleaning vs not cleaning eggs and now I am wondering - is there a reason people don't refrigerate eggs - I do sell some and I always refrigerate - but a couple of people seem to think they are fresher if not refrigerated? Maybe I was totally reading it wrong. [​IMG]
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    From what I've read, if you are not hatching them, you wash them and put them in the refrigerator. That keeps them longer.
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    Quote:Actually if I remember correctly the opposite is true. An egg left on the counter ages a week for each day left out.
    I refrigerate mine, both the ones I sell and the ones I keep for our use. I have a roo and the eggs are fertile. We keep our house pretty warm year round and I don't want any partial developments. [​IMG]
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    You dont have to refigerate eggs but only up to five days and you will need to refigerate if you are holding on to them for deviled eggs! [​IMG]

    As far as I know, we are the only country that refigerate eggs while other foreign countries do not. Hubby said that he has seen fresh eggs on market shelves, and folks homes and they look at him like if he has sprouted horns on his head when he told them dont ya refigerate your eggs???!!!! [​IMG]
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    Well, the U.S. are the only country that is obsessed with these gigantic huge refrigerators! I am trying to find a refrigerator in the 6-9 cu foot range, and there are so few choices. In Europe, that would be a huge refrigerator!

    Yes, that is a primary unit, not a "second" fridge.

    Most of what is in your refrigerator does not need to be refrigerated, as long as it is consumed within an appropriate time.

    I am interested in small refrigerators, because I feel like big refrigerators are simply invitations to save too much food, which gets pushed to the back, and rots. A small refrigerator forces you to use food in a timely fashion, and keep it clean.

    Refrigerated eggs do keep longer (up to 6 months). When I am ready to save up eggs for a few months to get me past my chickens molting, then I will refrigerate the eggs.
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    Lol!! Vermontgirl, I have to have 2 refrigerators! We buy in bulk, and I love to cook, so we just either have leftovers for lunch, or clean out (and eat) all of the leftovers 1 day a week. I cannot even imagine being without 2 refrigerators!! Both of them as big as I can get for the spaces I have, within reason of cost!!! [​IMG]

    Don't ask me how many freezers I have! [​IMG] You know, you don't have to let food go to waste in the back of your fridge or freezer, ya just eat it like your mama taught you! [​IMG]

    edited to add: I loved Vermontgirl's response so much that I forgot that the topic was actually eggs! [​IMG]
    Are you sure you weren't reading about keeping the eggs out of the refrigerator strictly so that you can hatch them? They have a much greater hatching sucess if left at room temperature, I hear.
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    Eggs can sit on the countertop for up to two weeks with no problem. Think about it.... a hen lays one egg per day until she has a clutch of 8 to 10. Then she starts to set. So all the eggs to that point are fresh enough to be hatchable.

    People like room-temp eggs because they're better to cook with. A French chief my son knew never refrigerated eggs.

    As for the fridge itself... mine was ok as long as my hens were eating our leftovers. Hubby won't touch 'em. But then my son moved back home and goes bezerk if you throw anything out. So now the fridge is jammed to the gills, and I'm looking for a second fridge to put in the garage. Haven't decided if it'll just be for leftovers, or if that's where I'll store the eggs that are for sale.

    Kathy in Texas
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    Quote:Hmmm! You learn something new everyday!!! (Especially on BYC!) [​IMG] I'll have to try that! Course I knew that eggs will keep fresh for quite awhile without refrigeration, and I've not been a freak about immediately refrigerating everything, (I still gotta have my 2 refrigerators tho! [​IMG] ) but I didn't know there was a difference in cooking room temp. eggs and cold eggs!! Thanks for the info!!!
  9. Kate76

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    Funny you should mention that, I saw my first refrigerated eggs in the store only last week over here in oz- i was a tad surprised![​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2009
    Quote:I read that if you wash them, you are washing away a natural membrane that will keep them longer. If you are going to wash them, you are supposed to eat them the next day or sooner. (This was in Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens.)

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