Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats in Mississippi


12 Years
Sep 30, 2007
South Mississippi
It is that time of year agian when one must let some goaties go.

We have two does in milk avalible.

Hazel T, who is AGS & ADGA registered, is a good backyard milker. She is usually well behaved on the stand and gives a bit over 3 cups a day on her third freshening. Hazel is a small doe and produces small kids which I always look forward to.She is not show quality but did produce our best looking junior last year who won Researve Grand Champion Jr. Doe at the Baton Rough Show in 2008. She has also given us most of our flashiest colored kids two of which are moon spotted.

Here are her kids from this year!

Atwood Acres FT Blissfull has a nice show pedigree but does not currently represent it very well. She is however very nice and very small. She kidded with tiny triplets this year by LandA Mickey Master Explotion. She has adopted some of our other kids and is a good mother and can really put out the milk! She is ADGA registerd.

Here is a pic of two of her tiny triplets from this year.

They are $250 each or $200 each with two other purchases. Their pedigrees are on our site along with other animals avalible.

Thanks for your time and feel free the send me a pm or email if you are interested.

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