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Nov 16, 2021
Hey everyone,
Over the summer I took in a female Pekin duck who a neighbor was just going to dump. At the time I didn't have a fenced in area on my property so I kept her on my porch at night for the first few weeks until I got my yard fenced for her and built a pen. Around that time she sustained an injury to her foot which led to infection. To make a long story short, the vets I took her too did not properly diagnose and this led to it spreading to her joint and she now has arthritis in it. She limps but does good. I give her meloxicam when she has a bad day. While taking the advice of the initial vets, she was isolated and became depressed. So I got her two companions, another 2 female pekins. This did cheer her up and they do great together. However, I have never owned ducks and feel like I'm in over my head.
I was trying to do the right thing by taking her in so she wasn't dumped and then got thrown into a lengthy treatment process with the vet.
I'm exhausted and feel like someone with more time and experience with ducks may provide them a better, more attentive home.
I do independent animal rescue but never dealt with ducks and given the number of dogs and cats I've worked with this year, I'm just overwhelmed and burning out.

I am hoping to find someone to take in The Girls. They are great and each have interesting personalities.
Linda: the one I originally took in and who has the arthritis. She's also the undisputed leader. Funniest little personality. Unsure of age, but the vet estimated 2 years old.
Mabel and Daisy: Mabel is a jumbo pekin, I believe. Daisy is a regular pekin. I got these two from an overcrowded farm. They came together and stick together even now. Daisy is a bit more wary of people but seems very curious about other animals.
I have two cats and a dog and they have done well around the other animals, even if they are a bit wary at first.

I live in South Carolina but would be willing to make a drive, 2-3 hours if needed, to ensure they go to a great home.


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