Rehome solo female duck, SoCal


Aug 22, 2015
San Diego, CA
Hi out there. My sweet Platypus is now alone after her backyard buddy passed away. We had to put our other duck down due to health and quality-of-life issues. She is a beautiful Swedish Blue, 5 years old. Very healthy and active. She has had a wonderful life free-roaming our backyard and spending nights in a predator-proof pen. She likes her people around, but doesn't want to be handled often. I hope to find her a nice home with an experienced duck owner and at least 1 female duck buddy (or a larger flock, if it works out that way). I am willing to drive pretty far to get her to a good home (I'm in San Diego). I've never given a pet away before, this truly bums me out but she deserves a social home. I attached a picture, she is the grayish one (Swedish Blue).


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