REhomed Buff Orp Roo...SIGH


13 Years
Jan 28, 2009
Cecil Co. MD - 5Yrs. Chickens 4Yrs. Ducks
I am missing my buddy this morning. I hope he makes out ok. At least he'll have lots of girl friends. Now that he's gone, I wonder if I did the right thing. He and his brooder bud dom roo were good buddies and had a separate yard away from the younger girls and their BCM roo.

I have not gotten accustomed to the mating habits of young roosters and feel sorry for the little hens, and wanted them to have a little more time to grow up before I let the roo I kept have at them.

just blabbing
I've had that rock in the pit of my stomach when rehoming young roosters so I know where you're coming from. I keep telling myself that I cannot keep them all, but it only helps marginally. The only thing that helped when I rehomed my sweet rooster, Mace, was that lockedhearts has him and six of my BR hens, too, including his two half sisters. I love my roosters alot.

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