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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lioncutie7337, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Hi there,
    We inherited ducks from the previous owner of our home. There are 2, we are considering rehoming them as we just don't have time to change the water out of thier small pond ever 3 days and we worry about our well. The ponds only filtration is a pump that empties the water via a waterfall then we have to refill the water. If we had an easer filtration system we might keep them. Also we are having snake (Dog has been bitten by a copperhead 2 times in 2 years) issues though so we might need to get rid of the water and their eggs as well. We have a coworker with a nice big natural pond, a male duck and some geese who has offered to take our duck. I think the girls will be happier as the can hopefully lay eggs rather than me just taking them. Does anyone have experience with freeing pet ducks? My biggest worry is the wont be able to forrage for food as well.

    Thanks for any opinions and ideas!
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    Domesticated ducks are not meant to fend for themselves. That's not how they were bred/raised. It's different if they were raised in the wild by their mom. Big natural ponds aren't actually great for domestic ducks either. There are some very harmful plants and snapping turtles frequent ponds. Snapping turtles can severely maim and possibly kill ducks. Please call a rescue group before turning them loose to live on a pond.
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    If you want to keep them?...Ducks only need a kiddie pool...Ducks do not require swimming everyday...Once a week is fine...The do need water deep enough to dunk their heads daily and quality feed, shelter and safety ....

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    I second everything Deb stated. Please don't "set them free." You won't be doing them any favors.
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    I appreciate the responses. First the male duck that is there started as a pet Pekin as well and he has thrived. Second my coworker is willing to feed them and it's a community pond and several families bring out pellets and food for the wildlife. I would feel terrible if I took away their pond and just gave them a kiddie pool to live in, and they often get out of their enclosure even though we have repaired it several times. The dogs like the ducks but they want to play and when they get out I worry our Rottie will injure them just on accident. Does anyone have any filtration ideas for the pond? My husband is not very handy but if we were able to reduce that dilemma it might help out the situation. Please don't think we are heartless, we have had them for almost 2 years and enjoy them but we aren't giving them the attention they deserve. I worry if I called a rescue they would be separated and that would devastate them. When we first got the house there was a lone miserable pekin so we got a Cayuga friend and she has been so much happier, no honking or crying. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, all rescues except one so it's not that I don't care or take things lightly or make decisions on a whim, we have been discussing this for months.

    Thanks again

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