Rehoming German-Pit Dog


Oct 25, 2018
Connellsville, PA
Cookie is a 5 year old pitbull-German shepherd mix. She is black and white with subtle tan colors. She has the sweetest eyes and super friendly. Extremely active and full of energy, she would be the perfect fit for you if you have a big fenced in yard and looking for a forever companion to play with.

She is gentle with kids and sometimes gets overexcited and weighing 50 pounds, tries to give you 200 pounds of all the love she can give! She loves to gives kisses and rolls around forever seeking all the attention she can garner. She is housebroken but currently lives outside in a pen.

If you are interested in adopting her, she can be good with other dogs. However, she sees most cats as attention grabbers and gets jealous easily! She has never harmed any other animals besides poultry (so if you have ducks, chickens, geese, its not a good idea!).

Her shots are up to date but one is due soon, we will get that done for her. It breaks our heart to adopt her out but we believe she should be happier in a home where she can stay inside. The reason we are adopting her is because her brother cannot tolerate her. We can only keep one and we think she is the more adoptable between the two.

Those interested are required to provide veterinary references, and if possible we would like to check out your yard to make sure it is a safe environment for Cookie. We love her and want her to have the best possible. If you have other pets, it would be best for them to have a meet and greet before deciding to adopt Cookie.

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