Rehoming my city rooster :(

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by jamie78, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I live in the city where there are no rules concerning roosters, just limits on the number of chickens you can have before you're required to get a permit. A neighbor gave me a chicken that turned out to be a rooster and he has been crowing for about 6 weeks now with no issues. Now one neighbor is basically asking me to get rid of him because he's waking up the neighbor's children whose bedrooms face my property. I can't hold that against him, in fact I told him previously to let me know if it ever became bothersome. So now that we've gotten to that point, I have to admit that I am very sad about it. I know of a good home to take him to, but I am wondering how that will affect him. He's just gotten comfortable with my hens and isn't too comfortable with people. Ever since I got chickens this past spring, I've been consumed with giving them the best life and learning all I can about them. Can anyone ease my crazy chicken mind and tell me that he will be fine when he goes to his new home?

    PS I might try crating him in the garage at night and see if that quiets him any, in an attempt to keep him.
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    Yes, there's a very good chance he'll adapt just fine [​IMG] My rooster is one I recently adopted from a home that had kids and six little hens, where he had settled in fine after only a few days (he was too loud for such a small yard, hence the short time with them) He is now living without kids and with only one hen to snuggle up to, but he seems to be doing fine.

    If there are any hens for your roo to cozy up to at this new home, I'm sure he'll do peachy.

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