rehoming my muscovy drake


Sep 6, 2021
this may seem a bit silly considering i just recently posted a thread asking for advice about my drake being aggressive with me but i need to rehome him. im assuming by his age and the simple fact that he is the only duck i own that his aggression is based on imprinting on me and being alone. he was a sweet boy before all of this aggression started and im hoping it will stop with him being around other ducks. i have been working with him and he has had a lot of progress but i am moving and my new living situation will limit me to not being able to house him in the way he needs or deserves. im located in modesto california and if anyone is interested themselves in keeping him or even knows of a good place that will take muscovy drakes that would be very helpful. i am worried to give him to just anyone because i do care about him and am trying to avoid having him be someone’s lunch


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