Rehoming roos on craigslist - question on transportation/pickup


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Mar 22, 2010
Saratoga County, NY
Dumb question o' the evening..

Just in case I have to rehome any roos or sell any others, I was planning to put them on craigslist if not able to find someone I know..

This is a farming community so I doubt anyone unsavory would come by but you never know
. Do most of you meet the person at a neutral location or do you have them come out to your house? If you meet them nearby, what is the best method of carrying the chicken (s)? cardboard boxes? cat carriers? I'd feel rather odd just handing over a chicken in a gas station parking lot.


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Aug 16, 2007
South Carolina
I've used craigslist alot lately, and have always met the person somewhere else.
For the following reasons,
1. I don't want any diseases brought to my farm.
2. I really don't want other people to see where my parent stock is located, I've read too many stories of stolen birds
3. I also don't like people knowing where I live

Now if they are repeat customers, then something can be arrange. I'm just paranoid I guess, but I have spent alot of money on my birds and I really don't want them stolen or

I second the cat carriers. I have even used the big wire kennels for full size roos and groups.

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