Rehoming shetland breeding pair (roo/hen) 1 yr old


5 Years
Apr 15, 2016
Ben Lomond, CA
Rehoming adult breeding pair of Shetland hens (1 hen/ 1 rooster):
- Lay blue/green eggs
- Excellent temperament for confinement / small runs (landrace survived Shetland winters penned in barns and houses), so great for backyard runs and coops, docile & quiet (rooster does crow). Silkie-like docility for hen, easy to pick-up
- Small crests (tappis)
- Confirm breed for CA climate- survived 110 degF weekend last year (we water down the runs for a swamp cooler effect when it's hot)

Hen and roo are overall black with red and copper highlights in neck and crest. (see also

Shetland pair (1 hen/ 1 roo), original sales from GreenFire, as day-old unsexed chicks shipped April 13, 2020. Sorry, no shipment, pick-up near Santa Cruz, CA

Rehoming as I still think they're a neat, unique breed, just focusing on some other breeds. I would keep the hen, just want to give the pair a chance as a breeding projec chance.


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