Reidsville, NC - 2 Black Australorp cockerels and 2 Ameraucauna Mix cockerels


7 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Reidsville NC
We bought 7 straight run chicks (our first ever) from a feed store and so far 6 of the seven are crowing and dancing around our 11 pullets. These cockerels are approximately 22 weeks old. They are healthy birds on a diet of Nutrena NatureWise feed. We let them out of their run every evening when we get home go "graze" the yard.

The BA's are friendly, gentle birds and will eat from your hand... big beautiful birds with large single combs and wattles, grey legs and the bottoms of their feet are pink not yellow.

The other 2 were purchased as "Ameraucana" but I think they are a mix of some type of Red. One has yellow legs, a pea/single looking comb and the other has green/grey legs and a pea comb. Both friendly and will eat out of your hand.

We hate to let them go but we have too many roos in the hen house. I know all of us on here love our birds so I'm hoping they will find a loving home. Please drop me a line if you're interested.
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