Reintroduce a separated broody hen

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    I had to let her nest alone as other hens kept sitting on her and breaking eggs... trying to put her back in the main coup and one of the other hens started to fight very aggressively so I panicked and put her back in her broody coup... should I do it a night when hypnotic or am I going to have to keep her seperate now??
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    Are you trying to integrate the broody and her chicks, or just the hen? How old are the chicks?

    In my experience, it doesn't work to put them in at night. The other chickens still recognize an "intruder" when they wake up in the morning. They're not that stupid.

    If the chicks are with her and under 4 weeks or so of age, she'll protect them if the other hens bother them. She will also let the other hens discipline them and teach them flock manners. If a chick gets too forward with another adult, the adult will give it a stern peck and send it running back to its mama, but it will hopefully have learned its place in the flock. (I had one little cockerel this summer who just didn't get it - he budged between two of the older hens to get some water and they both gave him a peck on the head. So he tried to get between two more with the same result. I think it took him 5 tries before he figured it out.) Unless blood is being drawn, I would let them work it out among themselves. If you can let them free range, that will help. Integration always takes a little more space.
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    It's always best to make a separation pen within the coop so the flock gets used to seeing her again, or pen her next to them. Some drama is to be expected. I usually let them out for a bit than put them back in the pen if the fighting gets to be too much. It could take days or weeks depending on your hens and flock dynamics.
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    Good advice given and good questions asked already.

    Will just add.... Welcome to BYC!...and maybe a story later.

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