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    i hope this is the right place to post. 2 days ago my 7 week old cockrel got sick I was worried it might be something they could all cach so I isolated him. Turns out he ate a bug gavehim a tummy ache and some strange looking green poo. Took him to the vet and was told keep him up for a couple of days to rest. I took him out this evening back to the baby coop. The others 3 cockrels and 2 pullets, the cockrels would not quit picking on him and I mean vicious. SO I put him back in the hospital cage for tonight. Any suggestions on how I can intergrate him back in his flock? One of the cockrels are going to his new home July 31st. Still need to find homes for the other 2 normally they are sweet tame chickens. I know this is normal behavior but I could really use some help with this

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    I'd suggest housing him next to them until you take the other one out, which will upset the pecking order anyway, then mix him back in. It will help if you can mix them together in a space that has plenty of room and/or a place that is not home territory to the flock. That way, they won't be as possessive of the territory. Extra eating and especially drinking places is also a great help. They are getting close to that adolsecent age so adding a rooster back to the flock with females present may be rough. Good luck!

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