Relatively new turkey owner worried!

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Inkyspal, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I have 3 standard bronze turkeys in a 12' X12' pen...the roof is 10' from the ground. I've raised them from tiny poults and they are very sweet pets. They are now about 5 months old. Until a few days ago, I thought I was lucky enough to have 2 hens and 1 tom. I have discovered, however, that I actually have 2 toms and 1 hen. One of the toms was just a late bloomer. They all get along perfectly right now, but I am very worried about what may play out in the spring when mating season begins.
    First of all, is my hen in danger of being injured or killed by having 2 toms with her? Their pen has plenty of tree limbs attached in the top for her to fly up on to get away from them.
    Second, is it always a guarantee that these toms will fight...or is it possible that they will be able to live together harmoniously? Should I go ahead and plan to build an addition onto the pen to be able to separate them if necessary?
    Never having had turkeys before, I'm not sure what I am in store for! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    They should start engaging in a bit of practice sparring, real soon now. They'll not be as intent as they will be in late winter/early spring. 99% of the time the sparring will look more dangerous than it is (they'll get banged up but they heal fast). If I was worried about their sparring (and beyond making sure there is nothing that will fall over on them when they're at it and using a file to remove the sharp tip from spurs, I don't), I'd probably leave the toms together to establish their order and provide the hen with a run. out of sight of the boys, along with a safe dry nesting area. Introduce the tom you want to breed (if you do) and remove afterward. Once hen goes broody the boys will just hang out for the summer.
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