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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gryeyes, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Yesterday, I opened up the grow-out coop/pen so the 6 week old chicks could exit their pretty cramped quarters, explore the main run, and mingle with the flock members who don't yet go galavanting all over the property with the main flock.

    There are six Salmon Favorelles (3 are cockerels), six FBCMs and a Buckeye, and they are all growing very fast. Big birds for their age, and fully feathered. Some of the FBCMs are Roos, as is the Buckeye, I think. They burst out of the pen gate and.....stopped dead. What?! OUT?! Oh, noooo. Mostly they ran around the pen. Literally. Four feet this direction, turn left, turn left again, make another left, and end up back at the gate/door again. One or two went a bit further, three feet or so, and right back again.

    The older birds were interested in them, curious. Not aggressive. Whew!

    Today they are venturing a tad further. One investigated another coop/pen and got "stuck" there. A SF roo. Eventually he found where he'd gotten in, and dashed out in a tizzy.

    Chickens are so much fun. [​IMG]

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    Yes, they're alot of fun. I'm already sad that my chicks are mostly grown. [​IMG]

    My puppy is too! Why does that have to happen?
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    That's a great story and I'm glad they all got along. We've been VERY lucky over the years that when we introduce young to old we've never had a single problem.
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    Quote:I think this may be part of why I am addicted to hatching - I want chicks all the time! Babies are SO adorable, as they learn new things, practice stuff, and grow into youngsters.

    Of course, I am also so proud of them when they're all grown up.

    But babies.... Ahhh... Such warm, fuzzy feelings they create!

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