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This may very well be one of those posts that is going to generate bad responses and get locked down. I really hope it doesn't because I just need some guidance here.

As a baby I was baptised Catholic. My parents took me to church multiple times a week. I made my first communion, attended CCD classes, etc. My parents got divorced when I was 8. Our church told my parents that they could no longer attend. So neither did I.

When I was 11 my mother had remarried and we were looking for something to do with my new step father and step sister. We stumbled upon a Pagan festival. It was lovely. I fell on love with all things Pagan immeadiately. I read every book I could get my hands on. I built my own altar, etc. I started practicing on my own.
This has continued up until late last year. I was a high preistess helping to run a small close knit coven. I was raising my children to be Pagan.
Now, bear with me. I bet those of you who are really Christian are sitting with mouth agape imagining me doing voodoo or whatnot. It was never like that. For me it was all, always about nature and worshipping the beauty of the earth. I am a die hard tree hugger. When my coven got together for holidays, which were about spring fertility, honoring our beloved dead, the equinoxs, etc. we didn't stir large caldrons of vile brew containing eyes of newt. We love mother nature. We see and feel her in everything. That was what it was about. Rarely were there ever "spells" involved and when there were, they were more like prayers being directed for healing for a sick family member, or lighting a candle and wishing for a job, etc.
I don't feel that anything I ever did was wrong. Seriously.

But something changed. I have always wore a pentacle around my neck, a tiny one. I am not flashy about religion and I don't talk about it often. On Thanksgiving day 2008 I took off my pentacle necklace while I was dressing for the day and put on a string of pearls. Not a big deal. The thing is, I never put my pentacle back on.
It's now over 4 months later. It just hasn't felt right to put it back on. I haven't attended any Pagan gatherings at our church, no potlucks, dances, or bake sales or anything of the matter (Yes we have those too!).
My husband was brought up Catholic as well. Made his confirmation and everything. He has never been anything but supportive of my religion and I have always been supportive of him, we have attended both churches and celebrated both types of holidays and all that. My husband has never been a regular church goer in all the time I knew him. He was as a child and teen but by the time I met him when he was 28, who knows how long it had been since he had stepped foot in a church.
Alot of the time I have felt like maybe he holds back on showing his religion because he knows I'm different and maybe he's shy or something. I don't want that.

I guess I'm wondering if there is anyone here who has even changed their religious path? How did you know when it was time and which way to go? I feel so very lost and confused....
Perhaps you are hearing God's call on your life. He did something like that with me...I was into occultic things in a different way than you when He called me too. Pay attention, He'll let you know he is there:>)
God is speaking to you my dear, in that still soft voice. And yes, I was raised with no God. Thankfully, that changed. Any true Christian does not have their mouth agape, as we are commanded to "love everyone as you would love yourself".
my mouth is surely not agape. Jesus loved me when i was a sinner doing awful things, so i am not to judge or open my mouth in awe. my job is to love like He does.
I was raised in a Babtist Church, my Grandfather a Babtist Preacher . I was however never Babtistized As a teenager i also got away from Church until the birth of my first child , who was not breathing when he was born right then and there I made a promise to God If he would heal my child I would raise him in the Church and I would be there with him . So when he was 6 weeks old I got a little reminder of my promise and on the search I went I walked into a Methodist Church and never walked into anthor one. When he was 6 months old we were babtistized together . I later met my Husband at that same Church he joined our Church we were married and now have a second child . Who has been Babtisted in our same little Church .So to answer your question I have changed paths and It has been a good change for us. My parents now also go to the Methodist Church with us.

And yes that is GOD talking to you in a way that only he can and only you can hear. It is up to you now to listen and follow your heart. God Bless you .
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I bet those of you who are really Christian are sitting with mouth agape

Any true Christian is already praying that you will continue to listen to that still, small voice that has kept you from putting that necklace back on. We know that is God talking to you. He never gives up on us no matter where we have gone or what we have done in our lives. I would encourage you to find a true Bible teaching church in your area and attend a few of their services. If you have a Bible, try reading John 3:16, Matthew 6:25-34 and I John.

I applaud you for questioning and looking for possible other answers.​
Having faith is something that will provide stability for a seemingly unstable hectic life.

Just remember that all "religions" were invented by man as a means to explain things they couldn't possibly understand.
Someone sat down and wrote the "rules" a person must follow to belong to a "church" If you broke the rules, the ground would shake, the sky would go dark, and locusts would eat your crops...And if that stuff didn't happen, "God" was showing favor on you. And you must have some devine purpose.

I am non denominational. GOOD lies in all people, so does the ability to do evil. And even that is relative.
People are fooling themselves to think that one religion is "the right" one just because you belong to it. Almost ALL religions teach the belief that if you do not belong to that particular one you are "darn" and lost forever.

Most of them teach the same basic things, "Don't poke someone in the eye, or you'll get poked in your eye" etc... Basic rules to keep the public from running crazy.

I believe "to be in the presence of god" means that everything you need is provided, food, water, shelter, love, etc...Its all there. If not then it's hell.
I'm off my soapbox now.
Well.. you could be like some of us and have grown beyond what religion has to offer.

Now, I am not trying to stir anything up. Have been brought up Roman Catholic all the way thru confirmation. From day one, even as a 5-6 year old boy I knew I didn't believe. I have gone along with all the religious 'deeds' to appease my parents. Both extremely religious.

Then I moved away for University. I no longer had a 'greater power' (aka. parents) enforcing something on me that wasn't true in my eyes. I stopped. I have lived the last decade as atheist. I don't have a need to worship anything, nor do I think it would affect my life in any way if I did.

It's ok not to believe. It's ok to hold yourself to the standards you set out. As a person you don't need a 'greater power' to compel you to 'do right' and absolve your wrongdoings.

Religion isn't for everyone, be it Catholicism, Islam, Shinto or Satanism. If you don't feel a connection, you don't. You can still be a good person :)

Good luck on your journey!
Seismic wonder has it right, IMHO. You need to follow your heart and gut. Some of my best friends are closet Pagans, and they are some of the most "christian" acting folks I've ever met. OTOH, I've known some "christian" people who certainly won't be entering heaven after THIS lifetime! People are people, good, bad, with the capacity to love greatly and also to do harm. It sounds as though you do your best to be "good" and are teaching your children to respect and love and take care of the world around them; in my book that's the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. Be Blessed, and Blessed Be!

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