Remember the chicks from the feed store?

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  1. I went by Orscheln's today and bought 4 of the littlest ones out of the $1 per chick week old bin. I think they are banties. They are either barred rock of black sex link. 2 had pasty butt, I removed part of the nasty stuff, but the quietest most lethargic one I don't think is going to make it. Oh well, at least it has a peaceful warm place if it does die.

    I still have 4 pullets to pick up from the Fulton Hatchery on March 11th. You all weren't kidding about chicken fever!

    I will post pics tomorrow or late tonight.
    I do have pics of my chicken coop on my facebook site. The run is a detachable chicken tractor that fits up to the coop.
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    Del's got their first batch of chicks in today and I had to go get my "chick fix"

    the RIRs were totally cute, but really clumping up under the heat lamp (bit chilly today, and lots of traffic in and out the feed store door) .. actually they looked almost like an animated Persian carpet .. though the feed and water containers at the other end were getting quite a bit of chick-traffic

    the Cornish-X chicks were less huddled, even more chirpy, though since they were bigger, they weren't as quck

    but my heart fell when I saw the BR and Black Sexlinks' (they were together) bin ... they seemed much quieter, then I went down to the other end and saw at least 5 of them prostrate on the bedding ... mostly not moving, being pecked sporadically by the others ... while a few others looked unsteady and almost ready to fall sleep or collapse ...

    it was all I could do, not to snatch them up and try to heal them ...

    never mind that I'm not quite set up for chicks yet

    they get their "Ameraucanas" ... probably EEs ... in on the 3rd or 4th, and I think I'll wait and get a couple or three chicks then since that's what I REALLY want

    but I will get there EARLY so the poor chicks can get transferred into nice warm quarters quickly ... will put heat packs in son's small picnic/lunch cooler .. none of this sitting in cattle-waterer bins and getting chilled

    hatchery is in Walla Walla, clear over the other side of the state, so they might well have gotten cold coming over the mountains ...

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    Feb 28, 2008
    Just wondering,would them getting chilled like that make them heavily lethargic,and if so will they recover if given food water and a warm place?Reason i ask is cause i got some yesterday from a local Atwoods and one of the banties isnt doing so well.
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    there've been several threads recently talking about that very thing

    I'm no expert -- but sounds like some are pulling their chicks through feeding sugar water, electrolyte water, liquid vitamins in the water, keeping them warm, and praying a lot

    hey, EXPERTS !! please chime in

    (you can use the Search function to find those threads, there has been a lot of posting the last couple or three days)

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