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    My male cat just came in from being outside for a few hours this morning, and went straight for the water dish...reminding me that our pets don't have access to water when everything's frozen over (which our outside water bowls are this morning). I read a comment the other day about how winter water's not that important because chickens need less water in the winter anyway, and how they could get dew off the grass if they needed it. It made me cringe. Please, for anyone who has outdoor animals, make sure they have access to clean water daily this winter!!! [​IMG]
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    Feb 23, 2009
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    I second that. I was a little lazy going out in the morning with new water. It only took one look at my white Easter Egger Peanut sliding her beak across the ice, pitiful. I am chastised.
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    I'll be redundant and third this reminder! It doesn't matter what kind of animal we're talking about....ALL need access to fresh clean water all the time, and we humans need to make sure it's available when the temps drop. We have horses, barn cats and the chickens to think about here, and I've always put the heaters in at the end of October when I do my fall tank scrubbing. It's easier on me to get things ready for winter when my fingers aren't freezing, and it's even simpler to just plug them in when it's time to admit winter's announcing itself. My grandmothers both used to say that anyone who thought water was less important in winter had no common sense. When everything is green and growing there's natural moisture in the plants and leaves which gives herbivores water when they eat those plants. In the winter there is no growth, therefore little or no moisture. In addition, most feed is in dry form, which takes more water......and they also kept reminding me that ice and snow aren't the answer because they both reduce internal body temp. which can lead to hypothermia and health issues in any living thing. They were a couple of smart ladies in my mind [​IMG]

    Please, please, PLEASE make sure any outside animals/pets have access to clean, fresh water! [​IMG]
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    I'll add to this too...I had just purchased a new heated waterer for the first time on Saturday. Plugged it in, slept in a little on Sunday (till 8 am..great change from 5:30 usual time!) When I went out to check on the chickens and let them out for the day, I found not only a frozen waterer, but blood flecks on the body of the waterer! Apparently one of the chickens had somehow unplugged the unit (am working for a more secure way to keep plug in the unit) and the water froze again. I think my speckled sussex tried pecking at the ice, and her comb stuck to the waterer.[​IMG] Poor girl, kept shaking her head and sprinkling little flecks of blood. She was running about like normal, eating, laying, etc all day, and fortunately none of the other chickens pecked at her poor comb. She looks much better today.[​IMG]
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    Yes our waterer's have began to freeze but the highs get warm enought the ice melts by 10/11 in the AM. Although from what I am hearing its not going to be to much longer and we will be breaking ice several times a day once again!

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    i've found that we put warmer water than usual (ie - not cold) in the 'dishes' for the chickens. I think it's helping but we do it in the morning and at night. Have to.
    I 2nd, 3rd, 4th whatever number i'm at here..... ALL animals need water no matter if they're in or out! cold or warm! Please no one forget! Thanks
  7. Amethyste

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    It's 8 AM here and 15 degrees [​IMG] The high today is supposed to be 28-30. Yay. /sigh

    Girls are great tho!! We are taking the water in at night tho atm, and bringing it back to them in the morning. However, my husband took it out today and didnt put the warmer water in, and when I went out to check them just now the water in the part they drink from was frozen already [​IMG] and the inside just starting. I just brought the warm water out and they were guzzling it like they were dying of thirst [​IMG] poor girls!

    I will be checking them every other hour or so to make sure the water is good and unfrozen for them.
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    I would bring out warm water twice a day or three times a day if it is much colder.
  9. patman75

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    Installed a new heater for the water dish yesterday after the water frooze solid for the first time on Saturday. The thing worked like a charm. One of my best chicken investments.
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    Wait...what? Water freezes??????

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