Remodeling the coop! Now where to start?...


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Northwest Washington
My coop has reached maximum capacity. So that means it's time to remodel and expand before the this years chooks come in!

I'm going to be documenting it both here and on my page so as to keep my sanity and for a school project. (Also ideas are welcome!)
Our coop is a big old shed and fenced run, but it has to be a fortress because we have everything from weasels to bears & cougars in my area. But besides setting in posts for the new run we going to try to roof the run and expand the inside so the girls can have more space. So I'm asking for coop ideas & advice, waterier, feeder, roofed run, nest box, roosting, bedding, doesn't matter, what we have now isn't perfect and I would love to improve upon it. I'll post pics as soon as the rain lets up a bit and I can take the camera outside.
Oh yeah, I need rooster bachelor pad advice too, since my three roos, (hopefully soon to be one since the Silkie boys need a new home soon.) need a space of there own. The two silkies get on great and live together by the way.
Anyway, now that I'm tackling this project and am still just a chick when it comes to chicken keeping myself I figured I'd offer it up for the thoughts of the BYC community...
Thanks everybody!
Once you get your pics up, be sure to include size of your current coop and run, and appx. size you have available (space-wise) for expansion. Plus how many birds you're wanting to add...

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