Remove the "plucker" or the "pluckee" ?


13 Years
Nov 30, 2009
New Hampshire
I got 4 LF Cochins this spring/early summer - they were supposedly pullets (well 1 is definitely a roo) They're about 5 months old - but one hen has always plucked the other "hen" (which is actually the roo) and only that one... The plucking ceased for quite a while (and it was always the tail feathers). This morning I watched the roo just sit there while she plucked at his neck feathers... I assumed it would stop once Roo realized he was in fact a Roo - (he is much bigger than the rest!)... However it seems as though the docile Roo is going to remain this way for quite some time - so should I remove Him ? or Her from the flock? ... I can put her with someone else - so she's not alone - but I'd hate to remove him and risk making my sweet boy (who loves his free ranging) into a meany.

So I'm leaning towards removing the plucker... any suggestions?
I would go with the plucker for the reasons you said.
IMO leave the sweet boy where he is

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