Removing a bandaid with baby oil


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
Hi I recently rescued 4 welsummer chicks although one died I have 3 others they're all from different litters as they all were rescued because they were either dying or going to die at the barn I board my horse at and vary in size and feather development. Long story short I have a chick I saw that couldn't walk, when I looked at the chick I realized it had curled toes on one foot. Doing some research I realized he/she either wasn't incubated at the right temperature or got injured while being hatched. I put a boot from painters tape on her but the next day when it was taken off her toes were fixed but since the tape didn't grip well that leg is lightly splayed. I tried to put a bandaid on to keep them close together but failed and the poor thing was screaming with small efforts to remove the bandaid.. So I put some baby oil on her leg and some got on her behind too but I don't want to traumatize her by bathing her lower half but now she's grooming herself and I just want to make sure she won't get sick and die on me over from ingesting baby oil. Please any help would be greatly appreciated! I'll stay up with her all night if I have too! Thanks

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