Removing bad eggs🥚


Sep 15, 2021
Hi everyone! I have a broody momma that will hopefully hatch out some babies next week or so. The eggs are on day 11, there’s about 3 that look clear as day (visible yolk) and the rest are dark and the embryo can be seen moving in some. Should I remove the bad eggs or give them more days? I know eggs can go bad and pop so I definitely don’t want to risk the good eggs. Are they still good to eat or should they be discarded of?

Also, all eggs were given life from the same rooster a 9mo old silkie, but the 2-3 eggs that have no life to them are from 2 standard size chickens (barred rock, cinnamon queen) The rest of the flock are silkie, polish and Belgium. Did his rooster juice not work on them cause of their size?

Sorry if my questions sound silly but I’m sincerely curious and love hearing everyone’s feedback.

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