Reno, NV -- Rehoming -- Hen & Roo bonded pair

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Reno, NV
    I have a 4 month old pair that need a new home. It just so happens that Dora ended up being a Roo and we're in the suburbs where Roos are not allowed. While I have a chicken butchering workshop in Nov I could take with him... I'd much prefer he have a nice long life, and feel a little sad taking Diego's friend from her.

    Dora The Roo:
    Buff Orpington mom / Prize Rhode Island Red dad... really lovely redish coloring with the start of a gorgeous set of tail feathers. Came from the Murry Ranch (his daughter's 4H project).

    Diego The Hen:
    Black Australorp with nice shiny multi colored reflective coloring. Came from Greens Feed on N. Virginia.

    Can you tell my daughter named them?

    They were the last of our little flocka nd had the brooder all to themselves and are still a pair out in the yard, eating and cuddling up together. Both have been hand raised and very gentle.

    I'm hoping to re-home them before the Nov. 7th butchering class.


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