Rent a roo? or am I crazy?

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    As usual I'm thinking WAY into the future, Would it be possible to rent a roo? My hens are about 2 years old so it'll be awhile untill I need to replace them but I would like to start a lineage (is that the right word?). How long would it take for a roo to mate with a hen or is it instant? Would my girls accept him or vice versa? Would people (in general) be willing to lend me a roo? And is this a good idea at all?

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    It depends on the breed. Are you allowed to have a rooster or is it just the hens?

    Are you wanting to breed your hens to a rooster of the same breed or will any rooster do? Do you have an incubator ready?

    There are several "free" roosters on Craigslist, but you would have to dispose of the male once you are done. I would leave the rooster with them for at least a week. Make sure the rooster is 6 months old or older. Older would be preferable as they know they are "top dog" and will rarely be hen-pecked.

    Hens who have never been exposed to a rooster generally will accept any male readily. The male may breed with the females in a matter of seconds/minutes/hours. If the male is fertile, eggs should be fertile for the next (approximate) 3 weeks.

    Someone nearby may be willing to lend a male, but it would be a somewhat dangerous endeavor for the male's owner as your birds could be carriers of a disease that is not showing symptoms. The male would be reintroduced into the original flock and the disease spreads.
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    no, no and no. [​IMG]

    If you want to breed your hens, I would suggest raising a roo from a chick right now. You don't want the risk of bringing in disease from an adult bird from someone else's flock (and they probably won't want to risk your diseases by renting one to you!). Your girls also won't accept him right away; they'll probably need a MINIMUM of 30 days to accept him to mate with him.

    You might just consider buying chicks to replace your hens or buying hatching eggs from someone.

    Good luck!
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    Quote:My thoughts exactly.
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    Quote:My thoughts exactly.

    You can study up on the breeds and find the qualities you like and raise a roo that you and your girls will like.
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    There is a breeder here in Australia who rents out Pekin roos.
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    Weeeelllllll, I'm kinda illegal already but I'v been fighting for chickens to be legal (we're almost there![​IMG]) And the ordinance the city council agreed to would allow 3 hens and no roos. I live in the middle of suburbia [​IMG] . Anyway, I guess I can't breed my girls cause even if I was willing to risk my girls catching a disease from a rented roo, it would be obvois I was breaking the law and I would have to fight to not lose my girls (again). Again, thinking far too far into the future, Does anybody know of a good breeder near salem,OR? I would want the chicks to be show quality of course....

    And 1 last thing-bayoupoules you made me curios, what do you mean I roo my hens would like?
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    Quote:I know of a good hatchery close to Salem. [​IMG]

    I have some SQ roos in my Welsummers breeding pen and most of my Ameraucanas are SQ, however like with all show animals most of the offspring won't be SQ, maybe 10%. People selling "SQ chicks or hatching eggs" don't know what they are talking about.
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    And 1 last thing-bayoupoules you made me curios, what do you mean I roo my hens would like?

    Well,.. If you raise a roo from a chick with lots of hands on time,.. you are far more likely to have a roo that is your pet, friendly and hopefully with some manners.
    that is not the case 100% of the time,.. but the odds are definitely in favor of a sweeter roo. Also if you raise him from a chick,.. your hens will know him already when he is ready for mating. Again,.. you can get some nice roos from other folks,.. and sometimes no matter what we do,.. some roos are just mean,.. but raising any animal yourself gives you the opportunity to lay some affection & care on it and make it a sweeter, healthier and better behaved animal.
    He would be part of the flock,.. not just a visiting ,.. uhm,. roo of the evening.[​IMG]

    behaved--- a term used verly loosly in the chicken world [​IMG]

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