Rental House - Do I have to ask permission?

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by ChickiChica, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2011
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    We currently live in a rental house in a nice neighborhood. The house is being managed by a property management company. Since it is a rental, do I have to ask permission from the agency to put a coop/chickens in the backyard? Do you think that they can restrict our ability to have chickens, if local law allows it (which it does)? We are not new to chicken keeping - but have not done it in this particular house yet.
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    Usually yes. Most rental agreement will mention pets and what is allowed or not. Chickens are weird because a lot of people don't think to mention them specifically when making rental agreements. And, some people who keep chickens don't think they should count as "pets."

    Read over everything you signed very throughly. If it does not limit pets then I think you have a lot of leeway. If it does and you want to be on good terms with everyone involved I would discuss the matter first.
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    Agreed, read the contract and see exactly what is allowed as far as animals or pets. Most contracts do not allow animals unless specifically mentioned, and there is usually a deposit to cover potential damage. Now an outdoor chicken is unlikely to tear up the drywall or destroy the carpeting, but it certainly could destroy landscaping, and if the ordinances are not properly followed, the landlord and property management company could have liability for fines. An indoor chicken could obviously do the damage that I mentioned that an outdoor chicken would not do.
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    We had this same situation and yes you need to ask. The biggest things you need to bring up are

    1. The coup will not have footers or in anyway change the land scape and will be taken down when you move. You have to get them to think of it like a shed. They approve sheds that can be taken down with ease.
    2. You need to make assurances that the chickens will not be in the house. As adults chickens can be destructive. I would not mention that if you plan to keep chicks in a brooder in the house for a few weeks.
    3. You will need to either site or show copies of the local laws.

    Fortunately for us the previous owners we rented from also had chickens on the property along with having chickens now. When we asked the company if we could have chickens they had to ask the owner to which they replied “Sure we love chickens” The owners wanted to know what kind we have and if we planned on just eggs or meat or both. They also wanted to know if we would be doing shows because they said it would be fun to see us there. Apparently the previous owners show their crested polish.

    Now I am in VA and were I am the only laws we have against chickens is no free ranging them unless you have a fence around the area you are letting the chickens out. We looked up the laws on a fence and were we live if you had a hedge or anything else that devides your land or the area were the chickens are is a fence. We have plants and we have bushes and that satisfies the law and we can "Free range" our chickens.
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    Our landlord said yes. Our coop doesnt hurt the landscaping, the chickens really dont hurt the yard, and any poop just washes off. I did put chicken wire around some of the plants they like to peck at (since they can do damage to the stems of the young vines she is trying to grow.
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    You should ask "but" dealing with a property mangement company I know what the answer is going to be if you ask. Like mentioned above check your lease and rules. Most states and communties do not reconize chickens as pets. they will either be under fowl or livestock. In my township everything is livestock from rabbits to cows. start with asking your neibors to see if they have any issues then go from there.
  7. dainerra

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    Jun 4, 2011
    my management company simply asked the landlord who said yes. And, the most important factor, get it in writing!! I would also give them a deposit to re-landscape the part of the yard where the chicken coop will be.

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