renting a goat herd. (update)

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  1. chicamama03

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    Jan 29, 2011
    yes, you read correctly [​IMG]
    I'm renting a herd of goats to stay on our property for about a week and clean up a thick, fuel rich hillside. We've waited awhile to be able to afford it and I can't wait. My *plan* (lol) is after they lollipop it all back and clean it up, I'm gong to maybe adopt or buy from the herder two to keep on. I know they need to be in a mini barn at night (coyotes) and after my last hair brain idea (I bought two adult unaltered males at a garage sale DON'T YOU LAUGH!!) I need some help in breed and other info on what you think is going to be best. I will not be milking. We live in Southern Cali foothills. Hot/warm climate. Rainy in winter spring.

    Your tips are greatly appreciated.


    [​IMG] $2400!.

    Oh well. I may just bite the bullet. Honestly, the growth is so bad it's going to take 30 goats two weeks (at least). The herder is going to sell of give me two wethers to live in the corral. I told them I would purchase the fencing to it stays. Then, with the two wethers, they should be able to maintain. Yah for fire control!!! Plus, it will then create room for a a horse for us. ONce we're cleared out we can bring in a small Bobcat and grade out some flat spots.
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    Look into Spanish goat mixes. They should be the best suited for what you want. They LOVE brush! They are very heat tolerant, and sturdy goats. You'll likely only find mixes as the Spanish have gotten rare, but most of their traits should carry well to their offspring. you'll definately want a nice dry shelter for them if you get lots of rain. Goats are susceptible to all kinds of breathing issues and pneumonia if they aren't kept in dry quarters. Generally, I'd go for mutts anyway, less investment, hybrid vigor makes for sturdy healthy animals. The dairy breeds you'd likely have udder issues for mommas eating out in the field so lean toward meat goats like Spanish, possibly Boers, and other similar breeds.
  3. RareBreedFancier

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    Nov 5, 2010
    Australia :)
    What's wrong with two unaltered males? That's what I have at the moment. [​IMG] Mind you, we are taking a trip back to their breeder to turn them into weathers shortly. [​IMG]

    If you want pets and weed eaters, get weathers! The guy I bought these from told me told me does in season can be a real PITA. Not as bad as a buck but still a nuisance. He recommend weathers as pets, no hormones, no problems.

    If you do want does to breed, have a good look over them for issues, conformation is important because they will pass it on. Check the udder for odd little extra teats, they are inherited and can be a problem. Check her teeth, you want good teeth so they can eat effectively. Broken teeth can be a sign of an old animal. Check hooves, they should not have bits of wall rolling under, depending on your terrain you may find yourself having to trim hooves regularly. The old saying "No hoof, no horse" applies to all other hoofed critters.

    Check if they have been vaccinated and wormed and when. Your local Vet should be able to tell you what Vacc's you need in your area.

    Oh and importantly, if the goat doesn't want you within miles of it, don't buy it. Nothing quite like chasing feral goats around trying to treat them or catch them for the vet.
    My boys are Boers, they LOVE mowing weeds and eat all the stuff the ponies won't touch. I love them. [​IMG]

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, if you do want does to breed, think about how your going to get them bred. Many people require certificates of health before allowing does to visit the property.
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    I am so glad you didnt say you were renting them to mow your grass!!! LOL. It irks me when people say that. Because they so dont eat grass. Weeds, trees, your flower beds, yes. Grass, not so much. I am going to suggest LaManchas. They were "created" on the West Coast and do well in warm climates. They come from some of the Spanish breeds brought over by missionaries to California.
  5. chicamama03

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Quote:no breeding and you're right, wethers sound about right. Oh, and the two unaltered males were about 5 years old. they did some pretty discusting things and peed on people from 10 feet away!!!
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    Dec 14, 2010
    My pygmies were good at eating brush and they are usually pretty cheap around here at least you can find them for $30-40.
  7. crazygoatlady915

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Quote:Here's the diff, Bucks STINK!!!!!!!! Wethers don't.
  8. crazygoatlady915

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    Mar 30, 2011
    And that seems like a ton of money just for renting! I would look into spanish mutts, or cashmere goats. Check their teeth, if they don't have them or they are broken, they are probably 5+ years old, and their broken or missing teeth will affect their weed-eating skills. Also look to see if they have 'monkey mouth' (underbite) or 'parrot-mouth' (overbite). My goats are boergoras (Mama Boer, Daddy Angora![​IMG]) They are all wethers and I love them to death!! They also do a sweet job of keeping the backyard tidy (I can't wait to see how they do with chickens).And I am soooo sorry, but I have to laugh, two wethers at a garage sale gives me the best mental image!
  9. Chickerdoodle13

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    That's wayyyy too much for renting. It would be cheaper to rent a tractor and brush hog and do the clearing yourself!
  10. pardygwyn

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    Nov 14, 2009
    I don't know where you live, but where I live there are people who would LOVE to get their goats off their property for awhile for much less than that. You might try posting notices in feed stores and make sure you play up your part of the bargain: "Food for your hungry goats" etc. etc. Also consider getting four hog panels if you don't already have some... having movable fencing for the little boogers might make you a more attractive prospect as a goat renter, and it helps focus their browsing so fewer goats clear more effectively.

    Just tossing ideas out, anyway. I actually cleared about three acres of thick salmonberries, alder starts and blackberries with two goats this way. It took them nearly two years, but they were the happiest goats ever for those two years. LOL It also was a lot easier for me and my lack of automated tools to reclaim the property bit by bit like that - goats will eat salmonberries and young alders to death by stripping off all the greens and bark, but they will NOT eat the woody parts. I had to cut those down and burn them on my own.

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