Replacing a chicken in the flock


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Dec 12, 2013
So long story short someone broke into my locked back yard and stole my favorite chicken yesterday night. I know this because the lock was cut and she was missing out of the completly closed off run. We are very sad but we do need to eventually replace her because we do need the eggs. After getting new locks for the coop how do i go about getting a new chicken. Do i buy a baby and raise it or should I get an adult? I have two adult buff's left. How should i best go about adding to the flock?

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6 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Boulder, Colorado
It's always safest to add new chicks. I would check CL for unwanted Easter chicks. It's also nice to have different ages in the flock so they aren't all moulting or spent at the same time
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