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    Part of my flock has URI and I am unable to buy across-the-counter antibiotics to put in the water. What is the "new" antibiotic being use or how do I treat this? I don't want to use injectible. Thanks.
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    You can use injectable Tylan 50 and give it orally to each sick chicken twice a day. . Many use it that way, especially with bantams, chicks, or for those that just don't want to inject. You will still have to buy syringes with a needle--18-20 gauge would work--to get the medicine out of the vial.That is really the only antibiotic you can buy in feed stores anymore without a prescription. Dosage is 1 ml twice a day for a 5 pound chicken. Give 1.5 ml for heavier birds.
    I would look at your symptoms and try to determine if it may be a virus such as infectious bronchitis, or a bacterial disease such as mycoplasma (MG,) or coryza. Antibiotics do nothing to treat a virus. Here is a good article that gives symptoms of the common diseases:

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