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    Aug 25, 2010
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    The coop is almost finished and the run should be completed in the next week or two (at my husbands convienence). I'm expecting 6 brown egg layers from the co-op this week. My coop is 6.5' by 7' or so. The proposed run is 5' by 24' to run along the length of the shed. It will be covered with hardware cloth and roofed with tin on a 5' to 3' slope. However, I'm already envisioning additions to the run. They won't get a chance to get out much.. we have a resident coyote pack that is too cozy on our property. We have the space to make the run larger, but I'd like to do it so it'll look nice/stay functional, without getting carried away. I was hoping for suggestions or pictures of other large runs for inspiration. Please and thank you...
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    Have you considered putting up a daytime run around the predator proof run? That's what I do. The chickens have their coop and their predator proof run which is 12x24 and they get locked in that run at night. During the day, I open up the PP run and they have a large fenced in area throughout the day. That may be something that could work for you. Of course, I don't know if coyote would come during the day....I don't have any experience with that at all.

    But here's a pic just for reference to kinda show what I mean. They have a huge daytime (may as well call it free range area ) run that goes both into the woods and out into this area even beyond where I was standing to take the pic. I just picked up 4 and 6 foot welded wire fencing from some guy, some t posts and voila! Super large area for them to play in.

  3. We used our old deck wood abd made an A-frame attached to our little coop. Wired it. Added a door. Easy and free.
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    Apr 15, 2010
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    We are finishing our chicken coop and I saw this old thread. Does anybody have pictures of their run? I am looking for ideas.


  5. [​IMG]

    What we did with our first coop and run (dog run covered with PVC pipe and hardware cloth.).

    Subsequent runs have used the same dog run "theme" but with flat roofs instead of the hoop roof


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