Rescue chicken!! pecking injury.

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    Nov 6, 2014
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    I just joined the forum because my friends and i have rescued a chicken! she was bring pecked by her flock and wasn't looking good, had been hiding all night. We built a coop for her and she seems to be adapting to our open, private wooded space.

    Attached is a picture of her bald spots where she had been pecked! under her wing there is a laceration a few inches, possibly from the other chickens or another animal. nothing looks infected and we have been monitoring her since we got her this morning. all behavior is normal.

    why was she being attacked? and do we need to treat her wounds/bald spots?


    p.s. her name is Red!! and she's wonderful. :) i will post a better picture if she lets me get closer.

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    She may have been attacked if she was ill, or maybe at the bottom of the pecking order in her former flock..if her wounds are bloody I would suggest you apply some betadine to them.

    Bald spots may be to her being in a moult ( when they shed feathers)...this is perfectly normal during the Autumn...

    She could do with a companion,,so maybe see if you can find another female chicken to keep her company...bear in mind that any new additions should be isolated from any existing chickens for 4 6 weeks....this minimises the risk of them passing any disease to each other...

    Well done for your rescue efforts..more people like you will make this world a better place....!!!!
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    Do you have a local Tractor Supply or feed store? I would get some Vetericyn and apply to the laceration and if the bald spots are bloody, apply there also. It is a very good wound and skin care product for animals. Apply 2-3 times daily. If she was being picked on, chances are that she wasn't allowed to eat or drink sufficiently. I would start her on some vitamins and electrolytes in her water ASAP. It comes in a powder form. If you can't get to the store before they close, you can also add gatorade to her water. 50/50 Electrolytes affect and regulate the hydration of the body, blood pH, and are critical for nerve and muscle function. If she is dehydrated, she will feel worse and could complicate her condition. You can give her scrambled eggs, and the eggshell as well. She will need extra protein for growing in those new feathers that she lost. Good luck! It sounds as though you've already fell in love with her! [​IMG]

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