Rescue dog with Prolapsed Vag.."girl parts"


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Jul 14, 2009
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Does anyone have any experience with this?

This rescue dog that my sister took in about a month ago has developed this problem. I have already spoke with our Vet and he said that it's somewhat rare but it can happen when the female comes into heat. He said she needs to be spayed to correct/fix it. He is scheduled out a bit for spays so we wouldnt eb able to get her into him right away. He said to keep a watch on it and she should be fine but DO NOT let her get bred as it will worsen the prolapse and it could kill her if she had pups. she is a very young dog, only about 9 months old & a petite little pit mix.

She had to talk to her boyfriend tonight but I told my sister to contact our other Vet tomorrow morning and see what they have to say also, they should be able to spay her right away too. I just want any other info if anyone else out there has dealt with this before.

Also, it's still internally prolapsed.
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Yes, we used to see it at the vet I worked at occasionally. Everything you posted above is correct. Can happen while in heat. DO NOT breed. Get her spayed to fix the problem. They are usually fine after that. Hope she does well!
To help her out right now, rub some Prep H on the prolapse. It will keep the tissue soft and lessen the swelling. This will keep happening to her, so it would be best to spay her and stop the hormones causing the problems.
The Human Society in Tacoma maybe able to do it. I would check on that option. There is a vets office in Buckley that is still fairly reasonable also.
My Mom got her last dog from a show breeder. The breeder was going to show and breed June Bug. Then she went into heat for the first time and the Prolaps happened. The breeder put her up for sale at her 'pet' price and made note that June would be spayed before sale. Period. Apparently the trait that causes this does carry on and she didn't want to continue the 'problem' or leave June at risk from the amorous attention of other dogs. Beautiful little Boston Terrier.

Edited to specify which 'she' in a sentance.
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Thank you, I will let them know so they can do some calling. I know they just spent $80 on a new training crate for her so low cost would be best for them right now i am sure.... She picked up on the crate training right away so no chance of returning/selling that now either lol! She's such a little sweetie but can be quite a terror when she's home alone.. i don't think they have any soft dog toys left in their house, lol.

It can be a genetic trait that is inherited in some families. Sometimes a b**ch will only prolapse on her initial season. I have seen some beagles that have had vaginal prolapses the size of a large grapefruit. It is my opinion that such dogs should be spayed as soon as they complete their heat cycle. The prolapse generally enlarges up until day 14 or so and then gradually decreases in size. Daily application of vaseline or some other moisturizing/lubricating agent will limit the irritation. Many vets are reluctant to spay a female during her season because of the increased blood supply to her organs.

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