Rescue hen stops eating and drinking, then dies

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    Feb 13, 2014
    Essex, UK
    A week ago we got four brown rescue hens. One of them became sick after getting soaked in a storm that night. I brought her indoors and dried her with a hair dryer, and the next morning she got interested in life again, and when I put her in the coop with the others she started eating. My partner went suddenly into hospital and I had to leave the hens with a neighbour as I had plans to go away for a few days. I came back yesterday and the same hen had got sick again, just that day. This time she did not survive.

    All the others are fine, except now none of them will go to bed. Even my original two Sussex Lights have taken to roosting around the garden but they will allow me to manually put them to bed. The new ones peck me when I pick them up.

    I'm vegetarian. Can my neighbours' dogs eat this hen?

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