rescue mallard duckling with a SINUS INFECTION


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Jul 3, 2013
hello! about a month ago i took in a mallard duckling that got its foot trapped in a sewer grate. its leg was fine within the next few days, but both its legs are slightly bowed out from a niacin deficiency, which it had when it came to me! i'm giving it a liquid vitamin supplement with niacin in every day now. BUT, it's also always had a really runny nose, and i just thought this was food getting stuck because it cleared up slightly whenever it had a bath, and now i've just noticed that its cheeks are swollen, one more than the other? i'm going to buy some baytril online, and i was wondering if anyone knew what dosage it should have, and what sort of tablets i need to get??? (50mg or 150mg etc)

thankyou very much! i'm so worried for this little baby
ooh, thankyou!!

I know Twin City Poultry sells Baytril hope your lil Mallard gets over this infection and I'd also put some Unpasterized Apple Cider Vinegar into his water container, 1-2Tab to 1 gallon of water, it has to be deep enough he can wash his head in it so he can clean out those sinuses. Keep us updated.

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