Rescue Roo -- Bumblefoot, Injury, or Something Else? *With Pics*

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  1. Hi there, everyone.

    There is a park near where I live that has many, many feral chickens living in/around it. They are actually a part of the little town's culture, and many people who live there feed them. Still, when it comes to injuries, it seems that the chickens are pretty much on their own.

    DBF and I took two roosters home the other day who obviously needed help. One had such a severe eye infection that he was having trouble breathing, and after examining his eye for a while I decided that it was so bad I needed to pay for a vet visit. As it turned out the vet said it would take hundreds of dollars at the least for specialists at UC Davis to operate on it, and he would still have less than a 50% chance of survival. He was suffering so much I decided to just have him euthanized. [​IMG]

    The other rooster we took had a swollen foot that he didn't want to step on. When I got him home and cleaned up his foot a little bit, this is what I found:

    Bottom of bad foot:


    Bottom of foot from side so you can see peeling skin better:


    Top of bad foot:


    A lot of the chickens in the park roost in the trees at night, and I think that's what he probably usually does, too. As for diet, people feed them scraps of bread and cereal (and probably a lot of other random things), and some of the townspeople leave chicken scratch around for them. Sometimes when he flaps his wings it looks like the wing on the opposite side of the bad foot doesn't open all the way, but rather stays sort of tucked in compared to the other wing, but he doesn't seem to be in pain from it and I don't see an injury or anything. Other than standing on one foot and limping when he has to use the bad one, he seems really healthy! He has a good appetite and does lots of normal poops, and always wants to try to intimidate me when I come around him, lol.

    I'm thinking bumblefoot because of the swelling and the spot on the bottom, but I'm thrown off by the scrape on top of the foot and the peeling on the side of the toe. I'm prepared to do bumblefoot treatment, I just want to make sure that that's what it is before I start slicing away. [​IMG]

    Does anybody know? [​IMG]
  2. Somebody, please? I really want to help this guy . . . [​IMG]
  3. kasey08

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    Aw I'm so sorry. Glad you are helping him out. Hope someone can help.
  4. welasharon

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    I have never treated bumble foot nor had it so I can't offer you advise on that but I would start by soaking his feet in a warm epsom salts water and then maybe someone with bumble foot experience can further advise you. Good luck!
  5. Matt A NC

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    It really looks like burns of some sort. Soak the foot in a mild solution of epson salt and water. Dry. Cover areas with an antiseptic cream/gel. If you can make a boot of sorts with cut vet wrap after creaming it will help soften the areas and reduce the swelling.

    You may want to put him on an oral antibiotic to help prevent secondary infections.

  6. HorseFeatherz NV

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    I agree that it looks like some sort of burn(s). Matt A NC has given great advice.

    [​IMG] for you for taking in the boys, helping the one over the bridge and easing this one's injuries.
  7. Thank you for the support, you guys!! [​IMG]

    Wow, I thought they looked like burns, too . . . I just can't imagine how on earth he could have gotten them. I don't have any epson salt right now, I guess I'll have to get that tomorrow . . . and what kind of oral antibiotic should I give him? Can I feed him chick starter with antibiotics?
  8. Thank you, HorseFeatherz. [​IMG] It's really hard sometimes taking care of sickies, especially when some of them don't make it . . . so the encouragement means a lot. [​IMG]
  9. Matt A NC

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    ICallMyselfCherie' :

    what kind of oral antibiotic should I give him? Can I feed him chick starter with antibiotics?

    Terramycin(Oxytetracycline), Oxytet, or any of the low grade water soluble 'shot gun' antibiotics should help with secondary infections. Most farm/feed stores carry these. These are the real cheap ones. Most are well under $10 for a packet.

  10. Wonderful, thank you. And will regular salt work? Should I try to work on his foot tonight with just regular salt and no antibiotic, or wait until I have everything tomorrow afternoon?

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