RESCUE STORIES- to put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart

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    If you have an inspiring rescue or survival (or both) story, please post here.

    Here's mine:
    Charlotte's Story
    As a tiny chick, a standard in a bantam box, Charlotte looked about to die. Her bin was right by the drafty feed store door, and she was freezing. Her butt was covered in hardened poop, and though she was weeks old and a standard size, she was tossed into the bantam box because she was so small. SeaChick picked her up and brought her home, "so at least she will have a nice place to die". But Charlotte didn't die. She fought. Soon she grew to the size of the others, then bigger! Now she is perfectly fine, but a little stupid. Later we figured out she had RSS (Runting Stunting Syndrome).
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    Saved my Lil' Red goat from who knows what.

    Checked her out from a classified ad. She was chained in the front yard. Her mom was killed by their dogs. So even though she wasn't a Boer that was said in the ad, I could not leave her there. Just a pathetic situation, a goat on a chain in a yard. And those nasty wild dogs of the owners going to try to kill it.

    So I bit the bullet and got her and she has thrown tons of fast growing big kids for market for me.

    So Lil' Red made out very well. And so did I cause she is a nice animal to have in the herd.
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    A lady who was a animal hoarder had quite a few cats. So I convinced her to give me one to keep for myself and one to give away to another loving person. She agreed and I picked the two females in the house, thus breaking the breeding chain. (later I convinced her to downsize to 2 males)

    The one I took was named Moe but was a girl. She was mostly a creamy off white with grey flecks and a calico orange patch above her eyes. She was terrified of everything, even my doorbell. She hid in empy cabinets and on top of things. Like the fridge. She had a face shaped like a upside down triangle and blue eyes. I think she was a mix of calcio and siamese. Anyway, soon she spent time riding around the house on my shoulder, the kids shoulders......... but she never wanted to be on the floor. And then I figured it out. Pretty soon though she saw it was safe in our home, and she began acting like a normal cat, sleeping in the sun, walking on the floor, etc. She was always my best friend, and had the best loving purr.

    When I was pregnant she got upset with me when I went into labor. She followed me up and down the stairs, all around the house, worried. She was only happy if I was alone with her in my room. Finally it was time for me to go to the hospital and she was confused. But she was thrilled to see me come home in a day with my little blue bundle!

    She was always nice to all the kids, and loving. She would lay with them at night. She loved to play with bubbles blown in the air and lay in the warm sun. Once I even found her laying in the rain gutter outside the house and I had to call her back in. She nudged the screen out of her way.

    I had her for about 7.5 years, I estimate she was about 12-14 years old, and I woke up one morning and she was gone. It was her time. I buried her in the back yard of my old house and placed a boulder to mark the spot.

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