Rescued a rooster in a parking lot


Apr 19, 2019
Bishop Hill, Illinois
Ok, I didn't pick him up but a local stray rescue did. He's gorgeous! One person says he is absolutely an EE roo. She has the background to know, said she'd judged poultry in college. I bow to experience!

I thought perhaps he was an AC/mix. Thought I'd share his pic as I've never seen one quite like him before.


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Looks like an (real) Ameraucana with something gamey or Asian for that tail.
I don't know if Ameraucanas have big tails.
I’m with you on that one. He’s rather wine glass shaped for an Ameracauna or EE so maybe there’s some game in there🍷 he could also be a little underweight depending on how long he’s been on his own. Either way he’s magnificent, look at that sheen on those black feathers :love

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