Rescued a SICK CHICK... I am such a (stupid!) softie. (PICS added)


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Apr 25, 2007
Southern Maine
So I had to drive 1/2 hour away to the only feed store that sells chick feed in small amounts (I suspect mine might be stale and wanted to test the theory without buying another 50# bag) and I opened the door and THERE WERE CHICKS.

Right next to the door. It snowed here yesterday. I'm thinking.... THAT can't be good, all those drafts!

And there in the bin of bantams is a lonely EE chick. He was so cute I picked him up, and discovered that his whole bottom was crusted in poo and nearly bare.

Turns out this chick is over 2 weeks old, not a bantam, and they moved him from the bin of older chicks (located about 18" from the door to the cold outside, I might add) to the bantam bin because he was so much smaller than the others.

I KNOW I should have left him there. He is most likely going to die. But on the other hand he SURELY would have died there.

He is straight run (hence "he") and I can't have roosters. Heck, I can only have 2 more chickens and I already have 5 chicks, so I'll have to find homes for many of them!!!

The little thing sat in my hand, under my coat, without a peep or struggle all the way home.

But it wasn't till I got him home and set him in the booder that I realized how truly stupid I was: I have now risked exposing my healthy girls to something bad. I took him out of the brooder right away after I realized that, and removed his one little poop, but is the damage already done? Probably.

I set him up in another box next to the big brooder, but I don't have another chick feeder and waterer. Little bowls will have to suffice..... but he is not eating or drinking, just standing huddled under the light. I did clean him off with warm water so maybe he is simply traumatized?

He is older than my chicks and more than twice as small as my smallest chick: he looks like a 4-day old. I do not think he is going to make it.

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May 12, 2007
upstate SC
Maybe put a towel in his box under the lamp so he can snuggle up in it since he is all alone....poor little guy. Wishing him health...


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Mar 12, 2008
i have read about putting a mirror or a stuffed animal in with them so they are not so alone. I understand about taking in animals, there is an expectant stray dog that I just can't help but feed.


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Mar 31, 2008
Mooresville, NC
Same here
Would have done the same thing as well!! Sending him some warm thoughts from NC!! It sounds like you did all you can do for him(?), hopefully he didn't carry anything that could harm your other chicks. Keep us posted on him!


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Mar 27, 2008
Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only softie! I've been mothering a baby chick for a week now that momma left after hatching 2 baby chicks. He was still in the shell but chirping a lot so I thought she just a banded him, come to find out his legs we're messed up, but he was healthy and wanted to live. So, I did every thing I could watered and fed him with an eye dropper, but he slowly got weaker the last day or 2. I would carried him around and hold him, he chirped in my ears as if to say thank you. But unforgenetly he just died. I don't think he got enough food...Anyway I cried I felt foolish for crying over a chicken but it broke my heart...I loved the little guy...


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