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    My teenage daughter has 9 older chickens already but just rescued one from the feed store that likely has splayed legs or some other problem with her leg(s). She's hoping she can do some chick physical therapy and get it standing and walking. I am concerned that the poor thing is lonely. We also have two 1 year old male ducks, not together with the chickens. Will this little chick (Scooter) ever be able to fit in with our other flocks? I hope it will gain its ability to walk but it's been 3 days of using a splint for splayed legs and there seems to be a very slight improvement. It's foot was swollen when we first got her but that has almost gone back to normal. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your two cents [​IMG]Thanks!
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    A little while back some of us were trying to help someone in Thailand who had found and rescued a solitary chick. The big problem was loneliness since chickens are flock animals, and chicks especially have an urgent instinct to bond with other chicks.

    That proved impossible for this person, so he decided to place the baby chick in a cage inside the coop/run where it would be in close proximity with the other chickens, even though they were all adults.

    Prior to that, the chick was peeping constantly, searching in vain for other chicks. After it was placed with the flock, it quieted right down, and seemed content to simply be near the others. Of course, you will need to supply heat for it, but this seems like the best solution without having to go out and get several more chicks you probably don't really need.

    I recommend a heating pad system for your lone chick. It will supply a safe heat source while simulating the comfort of a broody hen. Read about it on the thread "Mama Heating Pad for the Brooder".

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