Rescued battery hens now gasping for breath,eyes closed, runny noses

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    May 3, 2009
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    No energy, no curiousity, just hunched under a heat lamp I gave them as it's so damp here in CT since I brought them home. Is this a virus? I gave them scrambled egg mixed with yoghurt, honey, vitamins and rolled oats (thanks for the earlier advice btw), which seemed to perk them up a little, but now they are back to looking very weak and ill. Their whole body is heaving as they breath as if they can't get enough air. Can I give them medicine for this? I can buy meds at a feed store in Monroe (Benedict's). They seem to be circling the drain right now, and I'd be so sad to lose them [​IMG] Do battery hens usually come with a lot of illness? These two came from a live poultry place in the Bronx where they slaughter them for you right there, they are stacked to the ceiling ten to a cage.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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    runny noses? maybe resp infection. can you get some antibiotics? I would get the injectable asap. I use tylan. not sure of dose though maybe someone else knows? I recently lost one like this, I thought she was quiet cause she was going broody, by the time I realized she was ill her lungs were full of fluid.
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    You might want to read this thread and go to the link provided.. It will take you to a site that has free pamplets and stuff about some of the serious illnesses.. I dont know where I exactly found it. But you can read some of the stuff directly on the site.. Or send for your free stuff to read and watch..

    Good luck with your sick chickies..

    Edited because I forgot the link.. I guess I better go get a cup of coffee... [​IMG]
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