Rescued Chick?


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
Today I was summoned over to have a look at a baby chick that was brought in and "unwanted" by the previous owner. Just as talkative as can be and quite the beautiful thing! Too young for me to tell if it's a male or female.

Right now it's peeping in the crate until I take it to our "Rescue Farm" tomorrow morning. I've been holding it and studying the pattern, any idea what this description might be? [can't get pictures ATM, poor little baby won't stay still!]

-Has a bit of white on the head
-Mostly black in color except for the head, a bit of white on the chest, and a white striped patterning on the wings.
-Yellow beak with some black spots

As the little one fights the call of sleep in my hands...

P.S. Whether it's male or female- Pickles is the official name
Well the shelter usually asks the local farm rescue [a Boxer and farm rescue], but usually when it comes to chickens, they ask me.

It's a family farm on quite a lot of land, and people usually know that we are fond of chickens. Lots of friends like the eggs! They roam around during the day in the yard, then up at night. Currently working on some designs for a coop system that would allow each rooster to have his own hens and roam in their own pen without any conflict or fighting.

So basically, it's just a family tradition- rescue!

I work at this humane society- so that's how I get first news! Also have an adult male we rescued last year, who was paired with five new Ameracauna [very tired, not sure if i spelled that right!] hens. Those are his girls!
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