rescued hen mallard question

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Chad the Chicken Man, Nov 25, 2009.

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    Hey guys i rescued a hen mallard from a hunter training his dog, and ive had her down in my marsh for the past couple months hoping she would molt ane be on her way, but it hasnt happend, so i caught her and now have her in a wire dog kennle in my chicken coop. I would like to keep her with the chickens for the winter till she gets her flight feathers back, how long should i keep her in the kennel? and is there anything else i can do to make sure she doesnt get beatin up on? the chickens are only 16 weeks old and i think they are just starting to establish a pecking order. the duck doesnt seem to be eating or drinking, but ive been at work during the day any havent been able to really watch her. any info would be great!! thanks!!

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    if you fill a tub or a kiddie pool with water, throw a handful of grass in it and some of your layer feed, and plop her in it, I guarantee the Mallard will drink at the very least. They are dabblers and like to eat while swimming. It may take a few days before she is comfortable enough to eat well. Does she have a dish deep enough to dunk her whole bill in? They need that to keep their nostrils blown out. (kinda like a hockey player I used to date) As for the chickens, I have had some (Buff Orpingtons) that were extremely tolerant of any newcomers and others (Silkies ) that were vicious.

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