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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Sugar Sand Farm, Jan 1, 2010.

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    DH recently rescued a male peafowl about 7-8 months old. He had been in a coop with chickens and ducks but the owners could no longer feed their birds. He was verythin when we got him 3 weeks ago. He seems to be settling in and eating OK What my question is I see in some of the posts that they should be wormed. What do you used to worm them and how much. Also he was in a small pen at first for a week or so until DH put up a larger area when we put him in the new pen all he did was pace from one end to the other. He stopped eating and drinking so this morning DH put him back into the smaller pen next to some chickens He immediately started eating again and later roosted in the coop. He seems more relaxed in the smaller pen Do you think its because there are chickens he can see through the fence and he wants to be near them or what.
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    Peafowl are highly social birds. Ones this young really hate to be alone. Sounds like it has strongly bonded with the chickens.. you can move one or two of his "best friends" if he seems to favor some more than others with him to the new pen for a while to help settle him in new pen. Then you can move those chickens back if you want. He may be fine or may still have a pacing fit but it should be less severe than before.

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