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  1. pdsavage

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    Mar 27, 2008
    I had a cat i had recscued before whome had killed alot of my baby chickes a while back...
    I went out to give the chickens thier greens and turned the corner only to see dead or traumatized chickens.And the feathers where everywhere,I was so upset and mad at the same time.I storm back to the house to have them help me look for the killer.My hubby comes out and said "well at least thier only chickens",I looked at him and wanted to cry and said there not just chickens to me there my pets....Then I started rambling on about thier personalitys....
    I search the pen after checking the ones left alive see no wounds on any dead or alive and i find dog foot prints.Then i get realy mad cause it wasnt done for food and thinking if its Mac hes gone.My animals are taught to not go in the pens(but there like kids you have to keep telling them over and over).

    Well after finding no place an animal could have gotten in (remember im still very very mad and rambling on about any dog in my yard and what ill do if they come back)I start looking around the door and what do i find outside and inside the door,Macs hair. :mad:

    Well now its the rescued dog who has turned traitor...Mac the puppy I saved from the local kill shelter.He knew he wasnt allowed in the pens.He is on a chain now.

    He killed 2 so far rest im not sure if they are going to make it.

    And even this morning im still very angery at him,I should have known to watch him he just started chasing any automobile that would stop at our house.I was working on breaking him of that.But i can't be there everytime some one pulls away.
    But i can't have a chicken killer...
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    So sorry to read this.

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