Rescued: Rooster's top beak trimmed at nostrils;NEED ADVICE.

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    Apr 23, 2011
    Mission Hills
    Rescued this poor rooster who was abandoned on the streets of a suburban community, a block away from the San Fernando Mission in the Valley for those of you who live near by. Its obvious that his unscrupulous owners used him to fight because of his breed and of the many painful injuries he has. I'm so glad to have crossed paths with him, now he can live with my flock of chickens.

    When he tries eating, its difficult for him to grab anything successfully due to the severity of his trimmed beak. Usually taking attempts to pack an item down. He has been eating mashed corn and bits of lettuce for these few days. I cleaned his wounds up as best I could. His feet are infected and his shanks are badly torn.

    What can I do for his beak and shanks??? I'm planning on taking him to the veterinarian, but money is tight which will take until the weekend. So do you think I can do cure him on my own?
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    Apr 14, 2011
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    Awww I wish I knew what to tell you. He looks so sad....[​IMG] I am so glad he has someone to care for him now:clap
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    Jul 1, 2008
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    poor thing!!! kudos to you for trying to help him!!! I hope someone on here can help I dont hv much to suggest...I would just clean him up as best you can. [​IMG]
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    If he was a fighter, it`s been a long time, but I don`t think so. Fighting cocks are trimmed and don`t have comb, wattles, or ear lobes. Also, fighting cocks never have their beaks trimmed. Sometimes game type roosters will fight through wire when they get a chance and it looks like that fellow may have found a penned oponent and hurt himself fighting through the wire. Many times that causes them to bleed out and die. This guy looks like he just hurt his beak and feet.
    As for his injuries, I would get a bowl deep enough for him to dip his beak in for eating and drinking. May have a problem with him scratching it and dumping the contents, but you may be able to secure it and prevent that. For his feet, products at most feed stores will revitalize them. Recommended ones are Bag Balm, Corona, and the like. They are in the equine section . Spending money on a vet is not needed in this case as the beak should grow out in a couple years. Dust him with Sevin Dust or spray him good with Adams Flea and Tick spray and that will kill any external parasites. Then worm him. You have a beautifull rooster there. He`l be fine. If you have other chickens, keep him quarrentined for a month to prevent transfer of any disease or parasite and don`t EVER expect him to play well with another rooster. Good luck.......Pop
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  5. ScaredOfShadows

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    first, i agree with lollipop, he most likely was not an actual fighting roo. - fighters are clipped of their combs and wattles so they don't bleed out when they fight.

    The beak looks like a bad de-beaking when he was a chick and he's been left to let the bottom growout (when the beak is clipped shoddily and too short as a chick they never grow back out at all) it does look like he got into a scuffle with either another roo or something (possibly a cat or small dog) maybe its me, but he makes me think hes a year or two old...I am thinking he's been de-spurred as well. I see no spurs what so ever on his legs, not even a cockeral bump. So someone spent the time to debeak and despur him at some point. which makes me think, he possibly could have been used as a bait target.

    his feet i'm wondering if there are open sores, blisters, or what..they may be damaged from either a scuffle or sorry arse conditions such as a big too wide of wire bottom cage and no perches or being left in a dirty environment

    No need for a vet bill :

    1. put him in a wire bottom cage or strictly on grass for a week to keep dirt from his feet/leg wounds. (away from your existing flock ideally for this week and atleast an additional 2)
    2. clean his feet well and use an antibacterial cream such as furazone or corona. (like pop said - horse section of feed store/tractor supply) do this daily for 4 days, his feet don't look too bad at all compared to many i've seen that were severe and pull through just fine.
    3. if possible take and trim his lower beak a bit to even the edge out and make it a little easier for him to manage food.
    4. deep food and water dishes. if you want him to have grass and other such natural goodies, your going to want to give him a bowl of goodies and piles of grass so its easier for him to manage. these bad debeaked birds can lead normal lives.

    good luck with him, he sure looks like a gorgeous thing and should make for a good roo.
  6. 6chicks&aduck

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    Jul 23, 2009
    S E North Dakota
    aw pooor guy hope he gets better quick ! let us know his progress!
  7. consciousvoice63

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    @hispoptart and the4heathernsmom
    thanks guys....
    WOW there's a lot of great advice.
  8. consciousvoice63

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    Apr 23, 2011
    Mission Hills
    The earlobes are cut too? So unbearable to think of all that. I don't think there was enough force to crack and brake his beak, maybe someone deliberately did that to him. ?? Have you come across cases like this before?

    I followed your instructions and he's now jubilantly eating mouth fulls of corn and sipping water. Great, information, I'll look this products up.
    How many years do you think until his beak will fully grow back? I already let him socialize with my hens and he's rather calm around them. But he gets defensive when the hens control the food bowl. Is there a risk of my hens catching anything from him? I did quarantine for about a week and did an examination for external parasites.

    And yeah no way, I'm not ever going to let him get close to any of my other three roosters. I don't even let them walk past each other when one of them is out in the yard.
    Thanks very much! I'll keep you guys informed on his progress.
  9. yinzerchick

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    Jun 13, 2011
    That is sooo sad, I'm glad you found him and are giving him a home. I can't believe how inhumane some humans can be. [​IMG]
  10. Lollipop

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    Quote:Actually show birds of the OEG varieties are dubbed much the same way gamecocks are. So are some roosters in cold climates to prevent frostbitten combs and wattles. I`ve dubbed many roosters when I was breeding Spanish games. I can tell ya that it`s not so bad as the rooster immediately acts like nothing has happened at all the minute you set him down and in 2 weeks he`s almost completely healed and looking like his handsome self. And yes, they hit the wire with plenty of force to break a beak. In fact, I have friends in So. America that fight cocks and they have metal "prosthesis" beaks just to mend such damage obtained in the pit where they never hit anything hrder than another roosters punch. I still believe your cock is a survivor of a pen fight. I`ve seen it before. It has been a while and therefore the appearance as of now. Nobody would debeak a fighting cock.
    The quarrentine period should have been a month, but now that he`s been with your hens, just hope for the best. Don`t really know how long til the beak grows out, or even if it will. Much depends of his age and the amount of damage. he`s a lucky guy to have found you..........Pop

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