Rescued turkey chick very weak


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
I went to the feedstore to pick up something I ordered and it was on it's back in the tank. It kept flipping over and was trembling. The others were starting to pick on it and it was cold. I started holding it just to warm it up and it did stop trembling and perked up a bit. The owner said I could have it. They had just come in and out of 20 only four were still alive. Three that looked pretty good and this one.

I got it set up with heat and bundled so it can stay upright. It did drink some and seemed very thirsty.

Anything else I can do for it. It really isn't able to stay upright on it's own right now, so can't really drink or eat. I'll try and help it as much as possible.

I really didn't think it had a chance, but it has gotten more alert and is trying to peck and had no problem drinking if I held the water up for it. I just want to give it a chance and at least if it doesn't make it, it will be warm and not picked on.
if your already seeing a little improvement, I'd give it some time, with that many dieing it's probably very stressed and hopefully just needs a little extra TLC> and sounds like you have been giving that to it. If you have some electrolyes for chicks or even a little sugar water just to get it going in the right direction then try offering it some chick feed or even mashed up egg yolk. That was great you saved it and came along when you did. All the best.
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It's still hanging in there. I put some vitamins in the first batch of water and it ate quite a bit of hand feeding formula tonight. Even climbed out of the towels I had to support it and did stand on it's own pretty good tonight. I had a homemade incubator going trying to get the temps set and ended up putting it in there today. Had to change my temps for it, but it seems to be working good for tonight.

It's definitely got the will to fight. Hopefully some rest, warmth and some nutrition will get it going. It was so bad I wasn't even sure it would make it until I got it home. It's much stronger now even than it was this afternoon.

I'll try some egg in the morning.

Baby is still hanging in there. It's up and moving around at full speed. Doesn't want to eat from me anymore (too busy to take more than a bite or two) and I can't be sure it's eating on it's own, but it must be. I see it drinking, just not eating. Tried to get some company for it on Saturday, but they were all out.

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