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    Hello, fellow chicken tenders,

    I have 12 laying hens and was recently given a chicken that fell off a Tyson chicken truck on its way to market. She was rescued by the driver behind the truck and delivered to me by a friend of a friend. She is very breast heavy and can barely waddle. Any ideas for integrating her into my flock or what to do with her to rehabilitate her?

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    Wait 30 days...for infection/disease control before she gets near your flock. If she was meant to be a meat bird then maybe she should be just that?
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    they breed those meat chickens to have large breast. she probably won't get around as well as your other layers. hope she is doing fine.
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    Quote:Gosh... I hate to say it. But I kind of agree with this post...about the meat bird thing. Or, just know that she's not going to be a laying hen, and may not live really long because of how she's been raised...she may be a "freeloader" as some would say. That was kind of you to take her in... [​IMG]
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    A) I think the driver who stopped is an angel.

    B) I hate Tyson. (Different thread...LOL)

    C) Be prepared to help her cross the rainbow if her frame can't support her weight. Poor thing.
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    Quote:[​IMG] Nicely said
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    Pictures !
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    Quote:Was this a freudian slip?

    I got a chuckle out of it.

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